Color Obsession

For the last few years, I have had this odd pseudo-obsession with tattoos.  -The graphic artwork I use on some of my marketing material and canvases, as well as the Genre of body art.

Above is from a nearby tattoo studio.  My friend is getting her entire back done, and this was Stage 1 with Skip, the owner of 1603 Tattoo, free-handing the concept and starting the outlines.  This composite was posted as a sneak-peek before walking into Stage 2, the angel wings getting filled in. Despite my aversion to the whole idea of needles filled with ink “stabbing” me a million-miles-a-minute, I found myself mesmerized by the art materializing before me.  “J” had her moments where the pain was so great she needed a breather.  I would need anesthesia to put me out completely!

But I’m still fascinated by the art!  Quite often, people go into a tattoo shop and pick from a book of generic characters or symbols.  But most impressive is going in with original drawings or concepts and ending up with one of a kind artwork.  Even with the ghost pain that tingles down my spine as I watch the art unfold, I can’t help admiring even the tools.  Like a well-made fountain pen, ink comes forth and manifests into aliens, heroes, gardens, and angel wings.

“Ink” (seen here – ) started my affinity for tattoos – a fashion shoot went in a direction I did not anticipate with a tattooed model.  But while the images turned out alright from the fashion portion, the designer’s concept morphed.  And a fondness for quality tattoo graphics was uncovered.  Now, I’m constantly watching for tattoo artists and people with tattoos who may make good photo subjects.  It is an ongoing, four-year-old project that I have only recently taken off the shelf to shape and plan.  As of late, I keep getting distracted by the newly collected images for this project… but I have other prioritized projects, so the tattoo project will have to wait just a little longer.

Of course, this post was supposed to be a little bit more about the Studio & yours truly.  It may have been less about the Studio, but it is a little glimpse at other projects I gravitate toward.  I’ll work on shaping the “About” page and making the next post more personal.  Until then…  Be Inspired.